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About the cost of a good cup of coffee per day

Reward The Well-Rounded Salesperson

Maybe you should consider clearing out some old stock, both new and used. Maybe you need to focus on the prepping for sales of extended warranties and protection packages. Maybe it's time to increase your gross profit per unit and total gross profit produced by an individual sales person.

Sales managers want a sales contest where the upkeep is at a minimum. EasySpiff only takes 5 seconds per deal to update and can be done by the sales manager or the deal clerk. The results are instantly available be to be viewed by any one of your sales people... anytime, anywhere!

The beauty of EasySpiff is that you don't have to sell the most cars to win. You will be rewarded for being a well rounded salesperson with focus on age of the unit, gross profit, warranties sold, and protection packages sold. You will hear sales people asking the manager "do we have an older unit than that one?" or "what's the oldest unit in stock?" If Frank has a high gross profit of $2,200 then you can rest assured that Joe is going to try for $2,300 or more.

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